The euphoric massage…

Massage therapy offers a relaxing escape for both body and mind, and in Bali, this escape isn’t just a practice, but a way of life.


First time, I tried Balinese massage, I fell asleep after first 5 minutes of treatment, and if my session would have stopped halfway through, I probably wouldn’t have noticed — but that’s the point. A treatment geared towards ultimate relaxation, the Balinese massage is making its rounds as a fan-favourite among the spa-happy and relaxation-oriented. And while Bali’s Southeast Asian neighbours in Thailand have long held the crown of tropical massage magicians, it seems the small Indonesian island isn’t far behind.

Massage, or urut as it is called in Balinese, has long been a part of Balinese life, but not necessarily in the same way that the therapy is being touted across luxe resorts in the modern age. Traditionally a rice-centric culture, the Balinese have long been working the muddy rice plots of the tiered tropical steps of a UNESCO-protected landscape from sun-up to sun-down, and as anyone who has stepped knee-deep into the mud with one of the many heavy wooden farm tools knows, it’s no walk in the park.

Massage in Bali comes from necessity rather than pleasure. After a long day in the field, the Balinese will prepare warm oil and massage themselves to alleviate much of the tension that builds up throughout a day.  Only within the past 30 years when Bali began expanding as a tourist destination that massage became commercialised. Lucky for the traveller who stumbles into a spa here, massage isn’t just a money-making opportunity in Bali, but a cultural mainstay.

It’s all about relaxation. It’s almost entirely done with the palms and thumbs, he explains, and is a massage that employs heavy uses of the sliding techniques with a bit of Swedish effleurage thrown in. Never digging too deep, nor pushing or pulling too forcefully, the massage is designed to be user-friendly, to open all the chakras and open the hearts ❤

Note: Two sessions of this massage included in our 7 days Bali tour program

Did you know, that backbends stimulate your nerves system?


Our spines are made to move in six directions: forward, backward, side to side, and twisting both ways. In yoga, we prioritise a healthy range of movement in all directions for the spine in order to optimise physical and emotional wellbeing.

Not only is our spine home base to our spinal column and central nervous system, it is also the physical location of the major energy centres within the Pranic body (chakras).

Through mindful movement of the spine, we can encourage a healthy flow of energy (Prana) which can have a positive impact on the quality of our life.

Backbending postures stretch the front of the body and stimulate the nervous system and can have an energising effect. The heart opening physical action can teach us to be more open and inspire us to embrace vulnerability, love, and compassion.

To get there start with small modified bends to eventually get you into a full, stretching back bend with benefits, whichever pose that is.

Take your time without skipping crucial moments – whether you are practicing yoga or pilates, cross-fit, lifting weights or finding another way to kick your own ass, pace yourself.

Let your story unravel, you need all of it to be strongest version of yourself.

No rushing into inversions you never done – this can be traumatic for your body and mind, but you need to understand how to get there, yourself…

Write your own story, the body of preparation work.

It’s the safest and smartest way to do anything in this life.

Arm Balances technique


Once yoga beginner started to post pictures in his Instagram with himself doing arm-balances he is automatically become super cool and yoga guru🙊 Don’t want to dissapoint you, but it’s not a true…

Anyway, all the beginners dream about that and dreams have to come true to make us happy. I do really believe in that!

Get ready to small Monday dive to this topic?)

All the arm balances starts the same, there is a 3 main constituents:

  • activation of your serratus anterior mussels (yes, I already wrote about this mussels before, try to find it in my page),
  • strong core
  • and knowledge how to spread the pressure of your weight in your palms 👐🏽

I’m going to open this small yogis truck for you 🙊 (but don’t try to do it now, if you never done arm-balances before. First time only with experienced teacher☝️️)

Ok, looks like we ready to start:

  1. Spread your fingers (as maximum as you can, so you become feel tension in the skin between of your fingers)
  2. Place your palms on the floor and start to strongly press down with the ends of the fingers, create a “bowl” from your palm (try to keep middle part of the palm lifted)
    Now your wrists are protected and all the pressure is going to be spread between your fingers and wrist, and you become more stable (it’s easier to balance in 12 points of contact, then in two, don’t you agree?)

Yeah, finally, you can do your handstand!😉

Sacred Healing Springs of Titra Empul

Tirta Empul is one of Bali’s most beautiful and important temple complex, over one thousand years old and built around a natural spring. The site serves as a legendary setting of a traditional tale about good versus evil. It is also a national cultural heritage site.
Pilgrims come from all over the island to participate in a ritual water purification that involves immersing oneself in two large pools within the temple and praying before thirty fountains.

Legend has it that the sacred spring was created by the god Indra. His forces had been poisoned by Mayadanawa, so he pierced the earth to create a fountain of immortality to revive them.

An inscription dates the founding of a temple at the site to 926 AD. Ever since – for more than a thousand years, the Balinese have come to bathe in the sacred waters for healing and spiritual merit.

Our guide for this mystical and moving experience will be Ibu Kadek Lastrini, a Balinese woman with many years of interpreting local culture for guests from abroad in a profound yet accessible manner .
Once we have been ritually cleansed, Ibu Kade will lead us into the inner temple for a traditional blessing ceremony with a Balinese priest. Following this, we’ll enjoy a delicious megibung lunch prepared by Ibu Kadek (who is also the head chef for the world famous Green School, and one of the best cooks on the island ), served on the ground on banana leaves and eaten communally , with the hands.
This entire experience lasts only half a day, including transportation time , and is a beautiful way to not only gain a deeper understanding of Bali’s rich spiritual traditions, but also to use the cleansing power of water , both literal and symbolic , to set intentions and clear away thoughts and behaviors that may no longer serve you .
(Please note that to enter the pools and the inner temple , two different sets of Balinese ceremony clothes must be worn. These will be provided. In addition , women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter the pools or the inner temple , but they may wait outside within the beautiful temple grounds.)
Tirta Empul one of the sacred places we will visit in Our Bali tour 2017!
Come with us and share this incredible experience!

Ancient buddhist temple hidden in the middle of jungles in Bali


Many years ago, in my first year of living in Bali, I’ve stayed in one big house with some of mine friends.We were making spiritual events and travel all over the island. That’s where I met my Malaysian friend Farida.

If you ever been in Malaysia and in Indonesia, you know, that language (Bahasa) they both speak is very similar (I would say almost the same). So, Farida was in touch with local people (not like we are – foreigners, who just came to Bali and can’t speak Bahasa)  She told me about “waterfalls” I can go and check one day, not far from the place we were stayed.

One sunny morning I decided to make a wonder to the direction she show me. I went by the road through fish farm water fields, full of big carps and flowers of lotuses.

That’s already was more then I expect, but road bring me to the stairs going dawn to the deep jungles. On my way I meet a lot of beautiful strangers: huge (20-25 sm in wings), colorful Mahaon butterflies,  amazing flowers I never saw before and trees with huge leafs.

It was a long way down by the stairs, some of them were broken, some of them was full of moss and I had to be careful not to slide down (I could not get ride of the thought, that later I need to climb back all this stairs)) But when I saw The Temple, I get speechless.I was feeling like I’m Lara Croft in this movie. I couldn’t even imagine this kind of places could exist!

Covered by rich jungle life ancient temple… And nobody around. Feels like I just make a big discovery. The lost world, the lost culture… This Temple was carved in one huge rock many thousandths years ago. Now there is deep split with the river in between of the two parts of one Temple. Part of The Temple still hidden in jungles and there is no way to explore. 1276792_10151600849561736_147029172_o

Lately I had conversations with local people and didn’t get any clear answers… Some of them told me it’s a holy springs, some of them thought it is ancient buddhistic temple.

I invite you to go there with me to make your own discovery!

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Balinese healer


Today I want to share with you my own experience with real magic. ✨
It’s not a secret, Bali island have unique energy and very special people live there. But before I get in touch with Dewa (Balinese healer), I did not believe to all the stories.
He was my landlord and one friend of mine ask me to go with her to his treatment as a translator. Cup of hours of conversation, short treatment(cup of minutes) and miracle!
Many years ago my friend broke her big toe and didn’t went to hospital, since that time she was hobbled. After treatment she was laughing and stand up to her tippy toes!

And off course I decided to try as well. I had a problem with my knee (cup of months ago I went to try ballet classes and after first deep “plie” I get pain in my left knee. Even for yoga teachers this movement are dangerous ☝️️) Since that time, my knee was crunching every time I climbing stairs and off course I could forget about many postures in yoga. And for yoga teacher it’s actually a nightmare!🙈 I didn’t have money to do surgery, just was hoping it will heal by themselves🙊
So, I sit down in front of Dewa(with my spine straight and close my eyes, get connected to universe, as real yogis) and he start to touching my head in different energy points, and in one point I suddenly saw bright flash light!!! I don’t know what it was, but it was impressive! My world never going to be the same after.
After this treatment pain was gone! And I could do every yoga pose i did before injury.
I went to Dewa two times more in following years, with other kind of problems and every time I get portion of miracle.

And yes, I DO BELIEVE!

Life in alignments


All my students recently hear in my lessons instruction to keep their shoulders far from the ears or (even worse🙊): “The distance between your shoulders and your ears should be three kilometers away!”😆

So, why it’s so important and what actually does it mean?
First of all, it is the easiest explanation to activate your “ceratus anterior” muscles. This muscles located by the sides of your back (started just under your armpits).

This is a “right yogis muscles” to keep a better posture, to be able to relax your trapezium muscle and not to collapse your neck😬 

So, it’s actually doesn’t matter what are you doing (in a yoga class or out)

©Svetlana Bardakova

Студенты часто слышат на моих занятиях: “Держите речи как можно дальше от ваших ушей” или (и того хуже🙊):

“Расстояние от ваших ушей до ваших плечей должно равняться трем километрам!”😆
Так что же это все-таки значит и почему это так важно?

Прежде всего, это самая простая и логичная инструкция для активации широчайших мышц нашей спины. Эти мышцы расположены по обе стороны нашего позвочника (начинаются в области подмышек).

Это и есть “Правильные йогические мышцы” для лучшего положения нашего позвоночника, которое позволяет расслабить нашу трапециидальнуюю мышцу и не зажимать нашу шею 😬 (особенно в сложных перевернутых асанах!)

На самом деле не важно чем вы занимаетесь (на йога классе или в жизни), ДЕРЖИТЕ ВАШИ ПЛЕЧИ ДАЛЕКО ОТ ВАШИХ УШЕЙ!😃 и будьте счастливы!😉

©Svetlana Bardakova



Если вы были хотя бы на одном йога-классе, вы наверняка заметили, что инструктор говорит вам как правильно дышать во время практики. И, если вы только начинающий йог, порой очень сложно дышать подобающе инструкциям (особенно после 5 кругов Сурьи А и Б, пытаясь балансировать в своей первой бакасане🙈)

Так почему же дыхание так важно для практики?

Давайте отправимся с вами в прошлое и представим одну из стрессовых ситуации вашей жизни. Первое, что с вами происходит в состоянии стресса, дыхание становится поверхностным и быстрым, затем учащается сердцебиение и повышается давление. После наступает паника. Этот очень древний и эффективный механизм защиты нашей жизни от хищников стал немного не актуален в настоящей действительности… Сегодня мы получаем стресс на работе, ведя машину и просто живя в большом городе.

Итак, что если мы научимся сохранять спокойствие и глубину нашего дыхания в любой ситуации?

Ничего не произойдет. Ваше сердцебиение останется на прежнем уровне, а ваш ум сохранит ясность и трезвость мысли. Но в теории всегда все звучит гораздо проще, чем на практике (К сожалению). Вот где йога и приходит к нам на помощь.

Сильная практика йоги это тот же стресс для вашего тела, только в маленьком количестве. И если мы научимся сохранять свое дыхание спокойным и ровным в течении всей практики, мы станем более устойчивы к стрессу и более эмоционально гибкими. (метод прививки)

Более того, йоги верят, что каждому человеку на земле выделяется определенное количество вдохов и выдохов. И чем медленнее и осознаннее мы научимся дышать, тем дольше и счастливее станет наша жизнь.

Поехали. Вдох….. Выдох…..

©Svetlana Bardakova

If you have ever been at least in one yoga class, you probably did notice, teacher guide your breath. And, if you very new in to practice, it’s very difficult to follow (after 5 rounds of Surya A and B, when you trying to get into your first crow pose 🙈)
Why breath is so important?
Let’s get in past and try to remember one of stressful situations in your life.
First what happened, when we get stressed, is our breath become shorter and faster, then we get fast heart rate and high blood pressure and you can start to panic… it is used to be very effective ancient mechanism to protect ourselves from predators, but nowadays we get stress in big cities or in our work, driving a car… No way to run😉
So, what if in same stressful situation, we can stay focused and continue to breathe deep and slowly?
Nothing will happen. Your mind going to stay clear and focused.
But theory always sounds easier then practice (unfortunately). And that’s where yoga coming to help.
Strong workout it is same stress for your body☝️️, thought this small amount of controlled stress we can train ourselves to breathe nicely, to stay focused, to get more resistant to stress. (Like vaccination)
More than this, yogis believes for every single person in this world there is limited amount of breaths, and if we learn how to keep our breath deep and calm, we get longer and happier lives😃
Inhale…. exhale… 

©Svetlana Bardakova