Arm Balances technique


Once yoga beginner started to post pictures in his Instagram with himself doing arm-balances he is automatically become super cool and yoga guru🙊 Don’t want to dissapoint you, but it’s not a true…

Anyway, all the beginners dream about that and dreams have to come true to make us happy. I do really believe in that!

Get ready to small Monday dive to this topic?)

All the arm balances starts the same, there is a 3 main constituents:

  • activation of your serratus anterior mussels (yes, I already wrote about this mussels before, try to find it in my page),
  • strong core
  • and knowledge how to spread the pressure of your weight in your palms 👐🏽

I’m going to open this small yogis truck for you 🙊 (but don’t try to do it now, if you never done arm-balances before. First time only with experienced teacher☝️️)

Ok, looks like we ready to start:

  1. Spread your fingers (as maximum as you can, so you become feel tension in the skin between of your fingers)
  2. Place your palms on the floor and start to strongly press down with the ends of the fingers, create a “bowl” from your palm (try to keep middle part of the palm lifted)
    Now your wrists are protected and all the pressure is going to be spread between your fingers and wrist, and you become more stable (it’s easier to balance in 12 points of contact, then in two, don’t you agree?)

Yeah, finally, you can do your handstand!😉

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