Ancient buddhist temple hidden in the middle of jungles in Bali


Many years ago, in my first year of living in Bali, I’ve stayed in one big house with some of mine friends.We were making spiritual events and travel all over the island. That’s where I met my Malaysian friend Farida.

If you ever been in Malaysia and in Indonesia, you know, that language (Bahasa) they both speak is very similar (I would say almost the same). So, Farida was in touch with local people (not like we are – foreigners, who just came to Bali and can’t speak Bahasa)  She told me about “waterfalls” I can go and check one day, not far from the place we were stayed.

One sunny morning I decided to make a wonder to the direction she show me. I went by the road through fish farm water fields, full of big carps and flowers of lotuses.

That’s already was more then I expect, but road bring me to the stairs going dawn to the deep jungles. On my way I meet a lot of beautiful strangers: huge (20-25 sm in wings), colorful Mahaon butterflies,  amazing flowers I never saw before and trees with huge leafs.

It was a long way down by the stairs, some of them were broken, some of them was full of moss and I had to be careful not to slide down (I could not get ride of the thought, that later I need to climb back all this stairs)) But when I saw The Temple, I get speechless.I was feeling like I’m Lara Croft in this movie. I couldn’t even imagine this kind of places could exist!

Covered by rich jungle life ancient temple… And nobody around. Feels like I just make a big discovery. The lost world, the lost culture… This Temple was carved in one huge rock many thousandths years ago. Now there is deep split with the river in between of the two parts of one Temple. Part of The Temple still hidden in jungles and there is no way to explore. 1276792_10151600849561736_147029172_o

Lately I had conversations with local people and didn’t get any clear answers… Some of them told me it’s a holy springs, some of them thought it is ancient buddhistic temple.

I invite you to go there with me to make your own discovery!

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