Balinese healer


Today I want to share with you my own experience with real magic. ✨
It’s not a secret, Bali island have unique energy and very special people live there. But before I get in touch with Dewa (Balinese healer), I did not believe to all the stories.
He was my landlord and one friend of mine ask me to go with her to his treatment as a translator. Cup of hours of conversation, short treatment(cup of minutes) and miracle!
Many years ago my friend broke her big toe and didn’t went to hospital, since that time she was hobbled. After treatment she was laughing and stand up to her tippy toes!

And off course I decided to try as well. I had a problem with my knee (cup of months ago I went to try ballet classes and after first deep “plie” I get pain in my left knee. Even for yoga teachers this movement are dangerous ☝️️) Since that time, my knee was crunching every time I climbing stairs and off course I could forget about many postures in yoga. And for yoga teacher it’s actually a nightmare!🙈 I didn’t have money to do surgery, just was hoping it will heal by themselves🙊
So, I sit down in front of Dewa(with my spine straight and close my eyes, get connected to universe, as real yogis) and he start to touching my head in different energy points, and in one point I suddenly saw bright flash light!!! I don’t know what it was, but it was impressive! My world never going to be the same after.
After this treatment pain was gone! And I could do every yoga pose i did before injury.
I went to Dewa two times more in following years, with other kind of problems and every time I get portion of miracle.

And yes, I DO BELIEVE!

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